Chemiker, Ingenieure, Materialwissenschaftler und Kunststofftechnologen

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Chemists, engineers, materials scientists, plastics technologists, designers and controllers: since the company’s formation in 2011 our interdisciplinary team has been working tirelessly to hone our technology to perfection – whether on the workshop floor or in board meetings.


  • Beat Karrer, Founder and CEO LinkedIn
  • Philippe Jacot, Engineering
  • Claude Denier, R&D LinkedIn
  • Martin Meyer, Operations LinkedIn
  • Andreas Herold, Production LinkedIn


  • Sophie Lamparter, DART, Partnerships USA LinkedIn
  • Stefan Ostlender, SOTech, Vertrieb Schweiz LinkedIn

Board of Directors

  • Pascal Stübi, Serial Entrepreneur
  • Tobias Lutz, CEO/Entrepreneur LinkedIn
  • Beat Karrer, Founder and CEO LinkedIn

Advisory Board