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Chemists, engineers, materials scientists, plastics technologists, designers and controllers: since the company’s formation in 2011 our interdisciplinary team has been working tirelessly to hone our technology to perfection – whether on the workshop floor or in board meetings.


  • Martin Deflorin, CEO  LinkedIn
  • Dr. Francesca Tancini, CTO, Chemist LinkedIn
  • Andreas Herold, Production Manager LinkedIn
  • Beat Karrer, Founder  LinkedIn
  • Avalyn Müller, Production LinkedIn
  • Agnieszka Karpik, Materials Scientist LinkedIn
  • Dr. Sauro Bianchi, Materials Scientist LinkedIn
  • Endrit Sejfullahu, Production
  • Belinda Blatti, Office Mangement LinkedIn
  • Nuri Madi, Production

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Board of Directors

  • Pascal Stübi, Serial Entrepreneur LinkedIn
  • Lukas Scherrer, Industrial Designer LinkedIn
  • Beat Karrer, Founder LinkedIn

Advisory Board

  • Frank Grunert, Industry Management and Leadership LinkedIn
  • Dr. Peter Troxler, Industrial Engineer LinkedIn
  • Prof. Dipl-Ing. Daniel Schwendemann, Mechanical Engineer LinkedIn
  • Prof. Dr. Lucas Bretschger, Economist
  • Prof. Dr. Rudy Koopmanns, Chemist
  • Nico Bacharidis, Business Administration LinkedIn
  • Dr. Fabian Unteregger, Doctor/Food Scientist/Entrepreneur/Comedian LinkedIn

«Driven, dedicated and visionary – three words to characterize the mastermind behind FluidSolids. The company, which turns organic waste into value.»