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From R&D to mass production

FluidSolids® can only be made by us

FluidSolids Ltd.’s core competencies are the development of tailor-made biocomposites and their production on a pre-industrial scale.

For large-scale and mass production of biocomposites, FluidSolids Ltd. is your supportive partner, assisting you in education and implementation of our technologies.

Research & Development

In addition to its standard formulations, FluidSolids Ltd. also develops formulations to suit customers’ needs. These are tailored to specifications in color, fibers, surface finish or mechanical characteristics.


  • Specification and procurement of raw materials
  • Pre-treating the raw materials in our own Milling-Tech-Hub
  • Certification in our own lab

Material production

FluidSolids Ltd. produces granulate and master batches in its own production plant at its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The material production is done using our proprietary method and includes all upstream and downstream processes. Larger quantities are manufactured by one of our certified partner companies – or directly by you at your site: on the spot where the actual waste accumulates.


  • Procurement of raw material
  • Production of material
  • Assurance of quality

Engineering and tool making

Optimal design of tool parameters for the processing of FluidSolids® ensures that you can maximize savings. Our experience in developing  optimal tools guarantees the perfect marriage of top-notch component quality and rapid cycle times. Swiss precision quality is assured when manufacturing our tools, which are developed in close cooperation with qualified specialist toolmakers.


  • Development and engineering
  • CAD software
  • Tools
  • Coatings
  • Commissioning

Technologie Engineering


To meet global clients’ toughest demands in terms of performance, sustainability and design, FluidSolids Ltd. develops and manufactures components in OEM quality. While FluidSolids Ltd. can manufacture small to medium-sized production runs of components and products itself, large-scale or global production is passed on to certified Swiss or international partners, with FluidSolids Ltd. remaining your direct contact throughout.


  • IM
  • Extrusion
  • Project management


FluidSolids Ltd. implements its technology directly into your production cycle – reliably and cost-effectively. Since integration into existing production processes is possible, you can produce your biocomposites right on-site where you are creating your waste. Industrial scale-up is designed and planned by FluidSolids Ltd. in close collaboration with its partners.


  • Evaluating cost-effective solutions
  • Finding production partners and locations
  • Scale-up support
  • Designing machinery and plants
  • Initial operation

Training and certification

To ensure that only the highest quality standards are used wherever material production or manufacturing takes place, FluidSolids Ltd. only uses certified partners to produce its biocomposites or manufacture components, and systematically trains partners for each task.


  • Training
  • Certification
  • Introduction of quality standards

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