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Swiss innovation

Benefit from a revolutionary technology

Thanks to FluidSolids proprietary technology you are now able to make custom biocomposites out of your bio-based waste materials.

FluidSolids is an innovative technology developed in Switzerland to produce biodegradable composite materials. Because it uses residuals and waste materials, its environmental impact is minimal. Biocomposites made using the FluidSolids technology feature exceptional mechanical properties, making them suitable for countless applications.

All components of the biocomposites are sourced from industrial waste that consists of renewable raw materials, such as the shells of nuts, wood or hemp fibres, corn cobs, or cardboard and paper. Therefore FluidSolids doesn’t require a single square inch of agricultural land.

Technologie Biokomposite Nachhaltigkeit


Technologie Biokomposite Nachhaltigkeit

If you are pursuing a consistent sustainability strategy coupled with cost optimization, biocomposites from FluidSolids® offer you a very attractive solution that:

  • adds no competition for agricultural land
  • features excellent mechanical properties
  • makes unique surfaces and colours possible
  • has a minimal environmental impact
  • offers a competitive pricing structure

«The combination of a natural polymer matrix coupled with bio-based fibers is an incredible innovation in material development.»

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Adaptable and scalable

Materialentwicklung Biokomposite Nachhaltigkeit

Like traditional plastic