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Like traditional plastic, but biodegradable

Find the solution that suits you

Biocomposites by FluidSolids® are a sustainable alternative to standard, petroleum-based plastics. They feature outstanding mechanical properties with a minimal environmental impact.

The internationally patented biocomposite developed in Switzerland is a cost-effective substitute for countless products that have been produced from petroleum-based plastics to date.

Extremely tough

FluidSolids® biocomposites have all the typical advantages of composite materials. Their high fiber content gives the material a high flexural strength and an E-modulus of over 9,000 megapascal. This means component wall thickness and weights can be highly optimized and made more efficiently.

Kind to the environment

In comparison with other plastics – whether bio-based or not – the biocomposites from FluidSolids are a cut above the rest in terms of total environmental impact and will become a key factor in the pursuit of your sustainability goals.


LCA Study

Total Enviromental Impact of 3 different FluidSolids® formulations in comparison to petrol based plastics and bioplastics.

Open to your wants and needs

FluidSolids® properties, such as density, elasticity, strength, product surface and colouring can all be tailored to suit your individual requirements. This way, any product made of FluidSolids® looks exactly as intended by its creator.

Designed for mass production

The material can be processed using traditional industrial mass production processes. Components can be manufactured using your existing machinery, since processing parameters are within the normal industry range. There is no need for any investment in new or additional machinery.

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Adaptable and scalable