Plattform radikale Umsetzung der Kreislaufwirtschaft
Adaptable and scalable

Put your trust in the FluidSolids platform

The FluidSolids technology is the platform for developing processes tailored to a client’s specific need. Solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing production processes, adding value right at the source.

The production process for the biocomposites is proprietary and can be scaled to fit clients‘ existing production processes, with high process reliability and cost-effectiveness. As a technology company, FluidSolids Ltd. possesses the complete process know-how and offers this knowledge as a development service.

Producing biocomposites

Production of the material is done either at our own production line at FluidSolids Ltd. in Switzerland, or at the site where the production waste is being generated – at your factory or facility. Wherever production takes place, waste streams are turned into valuable materials generating profit.


Monetizing waste streams

3 different solutions based on FluidSolids’ technology

Turning the granulate into a product

The granulate is being processed into components or products, either on site or externally by a third party – for example at FluidSolids Ltd.’s own facility.

Plattform radikale Umsetzung der Kreislaufwirtschaft

Adaptable and scalable

Materialentwicklung Biokomposite Nachhaltigkeit

Like traditional plastic