Technologie Biokomposite Nachhaltigkeit

Waste as resource

Replace traditional plastics

When economic and ecological concepts are combined, true sustainable solutions are created.

FluidSolids is a platform that enables radical implementation of the circular economy by offering sustainable solutions that are both ecological and economical. FluidSolids technologies make it possible to utilize your own waste streams as a source to produce biocomposite materials.
By replacing traditional, petrol-based polymers with biodegradable FluidSolids composites, your company’s environmental impact is drastically reduced. Additionally, there is a whole new world of business opportunities to be captured using previously unvalued natural resources.

Waste to Value

Biocomposites made from haselnut shells

“Evaluating the total environmental impact, our study shows that FluidSolids biocomposites perform significantly better in comparison with standard plastics, as well as wood plastic composites.”

Reuse and monetize

Technologie Biokomposite Nachhaltigkeit

Adding a cycle using residuals