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No greenwashing

Sustainability from feedstock to end of life

With FluidSolids’ technology you benefit today from a unique material with the features that meet actual market needs and future legislation alike.

Use FluidSolids® to produce sustainable components that do not incur any plastic tax because they do not contain any petroleum-based content at all. The materials are ideal for a cost effective and environmental friendly manufacturing of sustainable single-use parts.
Parts made from FluidSolids® not only have a minimal environmental impact during production and manufacturing, but also at end of life. The material is 100% biobased and does neither contain any petrol-based content nor restricted substance what makes it truly home compostable.

Entsorgung Vorteile

Class leading sustainability from feedstock to end of life

Not harmful to any environment – certified

FluidSolids also separates from other materials at the end of its life cycle because it is home-compostable. Depending on regional regulations, different scenarios are available for the disposal of FluidSolids. Pure material can be recycled and reused without any problems. FluidSolids® components can be composted in your own home compost, in an industrial composting plant or it can be fermented in a biogas plant. If all these options are not available, or if FluidSolids components end up in the normal waste stream, the material is incinerated and used for energy production.

And even if a component were ever improperly disposed of, it will degrade and no microplastics will be produced – whether on land or in water.

So that you and your customers can feel safe, the various end-of-life scenarios have of course been independently tested.

Biodegradation in soil

Duration of time-lapse recording: 5.5 weeks.

Biodegradation in soil

Duration of time-lapse recording: 7 weeks.

Biodegradation on earth

Duration of time-lapse recording: 7 weeks.

Biodegradation in fresh water

Duration of time-lapse recording: 12 weeks.

Technologie Biokomposite Nachhaltigkeit

Adding a cycle using residuals

Waste to Value

Reuse and monetize