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A Swiss innovation

FluidSolids Ltd.: Pleased to meet you!

FluidSolids Ltd. is a leader in developing custom-made biocomposites that do not compete with the production of food. A passionate and committed team based in Zurich realizes ground-breaking projects for renowned international corporates and brands.

At a glance

The FluidSolids Ltd. was founded in 2011 as an independent, private shareholding company with seat in Zurich, Switzerland. It offers:

  • a breakthrough technology: the FluidSolids technology makes it possible to produce biodegradable biocomposites from the residuals of renewable raw materials.
  • an adaptable platform: the FluidSolids Ltd. implements its technology directly at customers’ sites, who are then able to immediately make use of their production wastes themselves.
  • a unique material: thanks to their outstanding mechanical properties, FluidSolids® biocomposites present a sustainable alternative to petrol-based polymers – highly cost-effective with a massively reduced carbon footprint.



It is our goal to establish FluidSolids® as the most sustainable substitute for petroleum-based plastics in the market, thereby making a valuable contribution to solving the global plastics waste problem without compromising performance, cost-effectiveness or design.


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