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Sustainable and world class

Commission components in OEM quality

For global customers who demand the ultimate in terms of performance, sustainability and design, FluidSolids Ltd. develops and manufactures components featuring OEM quality.

No matter if standard or bespoke material formulation, with biocomposites from FluidSolids you can substitute a great range of components and products that were until now made from standard, petroleum-based plastics. Additionally, you can develop brand-new parts for consumer electronics, packaging, furniture, load-bearing and structural elements, single use products and many more.
Products or parts made of FluidSolids® improve the environmental footprint, make new colours and surfaces possible and feature outstanding mechanical properties that benefit  the customers and environment alike. As a result, you have the competitive edge, since sustainability is the buzzword of today that is here to stay!

Tools developed by our own engineers

FluidSolids Ltd. develops the tools required for the manufacturing of components and products made from FluidSolids® in-house as specific know-how is needed to meet the material properties. Qualified external Swiss tool makers machine the tools. While FluidSolids Ltd. is capable of operating small to medium-sized productions of components themselves, large-scale productions and global mass production is passed on to certified Swiss or international partners – with FluidSolids Ltd. remaining your single point of contact.

Technologie Engineering

Swiss quality

Components in OEM quality


  • Short sampling times
  • Standard materials held in stock and readily available
  • Custom-made material formulation easy to implement
  • Competitive production costs
  • Unique colours and surface finishes
  • Improved environmental footprint of the product
  • Sustainability serves as competitive advantage

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Recycables gained from waste

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Flexibility at every turn